This page contains a list of wiki guidelines. All of these rules MUST be followed, or the offender will face a serious warning or block.


1: Never harass, cyber-bully or cyber-stalk a user. 2: Never vandalize, spam or attack pages or messages. 3: Please try your best to use good grammar when editing. 4: All active users must be at least 13 years of age to edit. 5: Do not upload unrelated pictures to the Wikia. 6: This Wikia does not allow fanon content. Any false information/fanon content will be deleted. 7: This is an English-only Wikia. If you cannot speak English, please ask an admin for help. 8: Please do not use this wiki to message an administrator of another Wikia about a block/ban on that Wikia. 9: Do not use any sort of profanity. 10: No selling or promoting objects for money, like a solicitor. 11: Do not make your own rules.

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