The Upside Down Show Schmuzzies Characters Schmuzzy
Names Unknown
Genders Non-binary
Species Schmuzzies
First Appearance Movie Theatre
Last Appearance Mini Golf

The Schmuzzies are major characters in The Upside Down Show.


The Schmuzzies are small, furry creatures living in the apartment along with Shane, David and Puppet. They can only speak "Schmuzzish," a language similar to English but all the words start with the "schm" sound. David is capable of understanding them, having studied Schmuzzish earlier in life. In "Farm," the Schmuzzies are revealed to be able to sing and play the marimba.


The Schmuzzies come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Most of them are spherical, while some are oval-shaped. All of them have two black, beady eyes and a large black mouth.


The Schmuzzies have appeared in all episodes of The Upside Down Show. Their first appearance was in Movie Theatre. Their last appearance was in Mini Golf.


  • The Schmuzzies were built by puppet design company Puppet Heap.
  • released a "Schmuzzy Rhyming Page" printable in 2006.
  • The crew originally nicknamed The Schmuzzies "Furry Pals" because how they look.
  • The Schmuzzies were born in Schmuzzland
  • It cost 20 dollars to build the Schmuzzies