Scene opens on a white background. Shane polishes an object.
Shane (polishing noises)
David enters in and introduces the audience.
David (Conveyor belt noises). Hello. Hey. Have you seen my brother Shane? He looks like um... Well he... He looks like that guy.
Shane (still polishing)
David Oh.
David walks over to Shane.
David Hello, Shane. What are you doing?
Shane We'll, I'm polishing my snooglenook.
David A snooglenook? What's a snoog...
Shane Hey!
David (reacts)
Shane Be careful! Snooglenooks are very delicate objects.
David Oh. Awesome.
David turns to the audience.
David Hey, do you want to see something that's really, really awesome? (Grabs the remote and makes a swish sound) The remote. It does heaps and heaps of really cool things. Like... You know, let's say if you want something to freeze, you just hit the pause button.
Shane Wait, wait. I wanna move my snooglenook to a safe place.
David Sure.
Shane walks and puts his snooglenook somewhere else while David presses the remote.
David (clicking sound) Paused. If you something to go backwards, you hit the rewind button. (clicking sound).
Shane (walks backwards and says "Wait, wait. I wanna move my snooglenook to a safe place.", backwards.)
David (clicking sound) Play. (clicking sound)
Shane ...ait, wait. I wanna move my snooglenook to a safe place.
David Sure. Oh, wonder what this button does? (clicking sound).
Shane Shane trips on something causing him to throw his snooglenook up in the air. Shane catches it.
David Anything? Anything at all? I might try it again. (clicking sound)
Shane Shane trips over and David reacts.

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