The Upside Down Show

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Action FingersAirportAlien
ApartmentArt MuseumAstronaut
BarbaraBarbershopBasketball Room
BeachBicycle RoomBird Room
BirdsBirthday PartyBob the Blanket
CampingChair RoomChildren
Clarabelle the Clinking Clanking Cowbell CowDance StudioDavid
Desert RoomDog RoomFarm
Fido the FlyFishFog Room
Frozen RoomFunny Music RoomGreat Big Bell Room
Hairbrush RoomIce Cream Game ShowIce Cream Truck
Laundry RoomLeftyLifeguard
Marching Band (characters)Marching Band (disambiguation)Marching Band (episode)
Marching RoomMary AnnetteMini Golf
MoonMovie TheatreMrs. Foil
Museum of Finger PaintingNo-Fun RoomNo-Room Room
Opera RoomOrange RoomOuter Space
Pacific OceanPaper Airplane RoomParrot Room
Pet ShopPicnicPuppet
Puppy RoomRock Concert RoomSandwich Room
SchmuzziesSeason 1Shane
Shape RoomSingerSky Room
SnorerSnoring RoomSouth Pole
Spot the ChairSticky RoomSurprise Room
The Complete SeriesThe Imaginary RemoteThe Upside Down Show
The Upside Down Show, Volume 1The Upside Down Show, Volume 2The Upside Down Show, Volume 3
The Upside Down Show, Volume 4The Upside Down Show, Volume 5The Upside Down Show, Volume 6
The Upside Down Show Wiki:AdministratorsThe Upside Down WikiThe Voice
This Way RoomUnderwater RoomVery, Very Hairy Room
Wake Up RoomWind RoomWord Room
File:Action Fingers.pngFile:Airport.jpgFile:Airport.png
File:Alien.pngFile:Apartment.pngFile:Art Museum.png
File:Barbara.pngFile:Barbershop.pngFile:Basketball Room.png
File:Beach.pngFile:Bicycle Room.pngFile:Bird Room.png
File:Birds.pngFile:BirthdayParty.jpgFile:Birthday Party.png
File:Bob the Blanket.jpgFile:Camping.jpgFile:Camping.png
File:Chair Room.pngFile:Clarabelle the Clinking Clanking Cowbell Cow.pngFile:DVD1.jpg
File:DVD5.jpgFile:DVD6.jpgFile:Dance Studio.png
File:David.pngFile:David Character.jpgFile:Desert Room.png
File:Dog Room.pngFile:Farm.jpgFile:Farm.png
File:Favicon.icoFile:Fido's House.pngFile:Fish.png
File:Fog Room.pngFile:Foil.jpgFile:Frozen Room.png
File:Funny Music Room.pngFile:Great Big Bell Room.pngFile:Hairbrush Room.png
File:Ice Cream Game Show.pngFile:Ice Cream Truck.pngFile:Laundry Room.png
File:Lefty.pngFile:MarchingBand.jpgFile:Marching Band.png
File:Marching Room.pngFile:MiniGolf.jpgFile:Mini Golf.png
File:Moon.pngFile:Movie Theatre.pngFile:Mrs. Foil.jpg
File:MrsFoil.jpgFile:Museum of Finger Painting.pngFile:No-Fun Room.png
File:No-Room Room.pngFile:Noggin The Upside Down Show Wiki on Wikia.pngFile:Opera Room.png
File:Orange Room.pngFile:Outer Space.pngFile:Pacific Ocean.png
File:Paint.jpgFile:Paper Airplane Room.pngFile:Parrot Room.png
File:PetShop.pngFile:Pet Shop.pngFile:Picnic.jpg
File:Rock Concert Room.pngFile:Sandwich Room.pngFile:Schmuzzies.png
File:Schmuzzy.jpgFile:Season 1.jpgFile:Shane.jpg
File:Shane.pngFile:Shane Character.jpgFile:Shape Room.png
File:Sky Room.pngFile:Snoring Room.pngFile:South Pole.png
File:Spot the Chair.jpgFile:Sticky Room.pngFile:Surprise Room.png
File:The-upside-down-show.jpgFile:The Complete Series.jpgFile:The Upside Down Show.jpg
File:The Upside Down Show Ep10 - Birthday PartyFile:The Upside Down Show Ep11 - FarmFile:The Upside Down Show Ep1 - Movie theater
File:The Upside Down Show Ep2 - BarbershopFile:The Upside Down Show Ep3 - Art MuseumFile:The Upside Down Show Ep4 - Pet Shop
File:The Upside Down Show Ep5 - CampingFile:The Upside Down Show Ep6 - PicnicFile:The Upside Down Show Ep7 - Airport
File:The Upside Down Show Ep8 - BeachFile:The Upside Down Show Ep9 - Marching BandFile:The Upside Down Show Schmuzzies Cartoon Versions.png
File:The Upside Down Show Schmuzzies Characters Schmuzzy.pngFile:The Upside Down Show on Homepage.pngFile:The Voice.png
File:This Way Room.pngFile:Underwater Room.pngFile:Very, Very Hairy Room.png
File:Wake Up Room.pngFile:Watch The Upside Down Show On Noggin.pngFile:Wiki-background
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wind Room.pngFile:Word Room.png

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